How It Works

We offer a variety of different treasure hunt locations about the Triangle area of North Carolina. The hunts follow the same basic format, but each hunt has its own unique clues, puzzles, codes, and maps.

Initial Briefing
Our experienced and fun treasure hunt guides will meet all participants at the starting location for check in. Teams will be asked to pick a creative team name and provide a cell phone number in case we need to text you clues during the hunt. The guide will then give an initial briefing with instructions to complete the treasure hunt and safety information.

Treasure Map
Each team will receive a treasure map that will guide them on a walking scavenger hunt around the nearby area searching for clues on murals, statues, artwork, signage, etc. After teams find all the map clues, they will return back to the guide at the starting location. All clues are outdoors and participants should expect to walk a total of 1.5-2.0 miles.

Each hunt will include a treasure map scavenger hunt phase along with a series of additional unique puzzles that will challenge each team’s minds…and feet. The final puzzle will reveal a three digit code to unlock the treasure chest!

We provide a grand prize to the first team that opens the treasure chest, along with a smaller prize for every team and participant that unlocks the chest!

For public treasure hunts, we will make a determination the morning of the scheduled treasure hunt if bad weather is forecasted. For private treasure hunts, we will contact the group the day before the hunt if bad weather is forecasted to discuss options. We provide full refunds for all treasure hunts if a hunt is cancelled due to weather.