How much physical activity is involved?

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Participants will walk an average of 1.5 – 2.5 miles.  Your own two feet on the ground is the only acceptable mode of transportation!

None of the following are permissible: personal vehicles, Uber/Lyft, taxis, buses, bicycles, rickshaws, segways, trolleys, or the new fad…scooters.

Modifications can be made for any individual with a disability who wishes to participate.



Ben Strunk was born in Columbus, Ohio and grew up playing all sorts of sports. He played baseball through high school, where he realized not every player is destined to play in the major leagues. Instead, he attended Ohio University and double-majored in Journalism and Sports Management. Following Ohio University, Ben attended graduate school at the University of Florida and currently works as a professional at NC State University. His youth baseball coach instilled in his kids the idea of “Attitude and Effort” as a motto for getting the most out of each player on the field and Ben has brought this motto with him to each stop along the way. Ben has used to the concepts of “Attitude and Effort” in his personal life to achieve a number of challenges. As an undergraduate student, Ben gained weight throughout his time at Ohio University. The summer after graduation, he stepped on a scale and saw the dreaded 300’s. In the midst of his first year of graduate school, he decided to take control of his health. Through daily workouts, eating healthier, and learning how to line dance, Ben dropped over 100 pounds in one year. After dropping the weight and moving to North Carolina, he needed a new challenge to help him stay fit. Without prior experience or training, he began running and running far. He successfully completed a 50K (31.0 miles) race in the fall of 2014, his first ever race of any distance, and has since completed six additional marathon or 50km races. He has now set his sights on qualifying for the Boston Marathon.