Fundraising & Affiliate Programs

Treasure hunts offer a thrilling and engaging experience that brings people together, fostering team-building and creating lasting memories. By utilizing our affiliate program or fundraising events, groups can not only participate in the treasure hunt, but also earn rewards and incentives for referring others to join the adventure.

Affiliate Program Details

  • Receive Unique Discount Promo Code (10% off for participants)
  • Code can be used on any public treasure hunt
  • Earn 10% of ticket sales using that promo code
  • Earnings paid out monthly
  • Opportunities for social media cross promotion
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Fundraising Event Details

  • Schedule treasure hunt at any hunt location
  • We create special online event registration page
  • Earn $5 for every ticket sold
  • Paid out within 2 weeks after event
  • $150 deposit required (full deposit returned if at least 10 tickets sell)
  • Take additional donations at event
  • Opportunities for social media cross promotion
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Sponsorship Opportunities

We love working with local sponsors! If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities with Triangle Treasure Hunt, please contact Ben at triangletreasurehunt@gmail.com for more information.